Here’s a full disclaimer, I am both a fan of and a critic of Japanese media. I love Kurosawa, Toho is my lifeblood, I enjoy samurai and ninja in books, comics and movies. But at the same time, I mostly strongly dislike anime and most jrpgs. Manga is always a mixed bag. I’ve had an easier time finding horror and cool things I like in Manga form, though a lot of what I have enjoyed actually came out of Korea. So understand that there are aspects of Japanese media and culture that I love and fanboy out over, and aspects that I just straight up cannot stand.

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From Perpetual Motion Machine Press

As a lot of you know, I’m a publisher as well as an author. You may also know that I do the podcast circuit. So it isn’t unusual for other presses to reach out to me to interview the author of a book they have coming out. Perpetual Motion Machine Press did that with Antioch, and while reading it I thought, I should review this book. And here we are.

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