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John is currently scheduling his late 2021/2022 calendar and is available for events, speaking engagements, anthologies, collabs, and forewords. He is unavailable for blurbs and unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

“Baltisberger is the new standard in epic horror poetry and rivals anything like it in classic horror literature. This is not dark prose, it is evocative, graphic verse.”

Lisa Lee Tone, bibliophilia templum

“Adapting unnatural ideas into a twisted mass of contorted images is an obvious strength of Baltisberger. His ingredients of bile, bone and viscera make up a recipe specifically geared towards a baked gore platter served on each and every page.”

Mike Rankin, Horror Bookworm Reviews

“Baltisberger shows himself to be an occultic iconoclast counterpart to Lin-Manuel Miranda: he overturns icons, constructs a a rich mythology from the rubble of that which has been torn down, and conveys it all with pulsing, infectiously inventive trash-talk.”

Doris V. Sutherland, Attack of the Six-Foot Tranny

“Baltisberger explores the visceral dark. He probes the underbelly of the demon, breathes in the acrid odor of fear, and regurgitates it”

Angela Yurkio Smith, Publisher at Space & Time Magazine

John Baltisberger is an author of speculative and genre fiction that often focuses on Jewish Elements. Through his writing, he has explored themes of mysticism, faith, sin, and personal responsibility. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and his daughter.

Though mostly known for his bizarre blend of Jewish mysticism and splatter, John defies being labeled under any one genre. His work has spanned extreme horror, urban fantasy, science fiction, cosmic horror, epic verse, and he has even written a guide for mindful meditation.

While relatively new to the writing community, (his first book was published in 2018) John has become known for his work in verse, having worked in both extremely short works and massive novella-length poetic epics. He continues to work to push himself to explore new avenues of expression and horror literature.

  • Best Editor – Critter Annual Reader’s Poll 2019 (Madness Heart Press)
  • Poetry Full Book – Science Fiction Poetry Association, Elgin Awards 2019 (Configuration Discordant)
  • Best Novella – Horror Author’s Guild 2021 (Abhorrent Siren)
  • Best Collection – Splatterpunk, Awards 2021 (War of Dictates)