Art from Michael Louis Dixon

Join the Fray

Whenever I tell people that I write Kaiju stories and poetry, they ask me to destroy a city. Home cities, least favorite cities, most favorite cities, rival sports teams. Everyone wants something destroyed. This is your chance to have that dream realized, and have a bespoke piece of kaiju literature written just for you.

Your Choices

When you order an entry into the ‘Obliterate the Globe’ Project, just put your choices in the notes of your order and I’ll get to work creating a personalized, one of a kind piece of literature for you. You get to choose:

  • Style
    • Verse – Poem
    • Prose – Flash Fiction
  • The city you want to be destroyed
  • Any landmarks you really want crushed
  • Any monstrous preferences.
    • Canine? Giant Lizard? Massive flaming giant unicorn with an obsession with techno? Go as gritty or absurd as you want!

A Piece of the Pie

Eventually, as the project grows, we’ll put together books of these works, and I’ll reach out to you, so that if you want, you can have your name and a quote in the book with the work that you commissioned! You’ll also get a free copy of the digital ebook in your choice of format.

Roar Loudly

I’ll email you a copy of your work, and will read it live on the ‘Obliterate the Globe’ youtube channel. Bask in the glory of the thing you have helped create!